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It’s a night full of excitement, cheers and applause. Not because of anything, but it’s the time for CASS to show off its talent. Ranging from individual singing, group to dance, it seems like students from CASS cannot be stopped.

 As what the CASS club president- Shermaine said, it was a night where we “appreciate talents of CASS club.”

 The event began with the song “LOVE” by all contestants, showing their love to more than 100 audiences who came down to support them on a Friday evening.  This was also witness by Mr. Ong Wooi Sen, Ms Simone Khoo and Gerald Tan who were also the judges for that evening.

 To start the competition, competitors from the category of “Others”, flaunt their their dancing skills.  However, it was Jayne Toh from DMC 2A-03 who bagged the award as the winner of that category. She expressed her joy saying that she was “shocked” and “happy”.

 In the group category, Serene and Eve impressed the audience with their dual power, proving themselves worthy as winners. In addition, Tammy and Ain got 23% of the votes, hence winning the popularity award.

For solo singing, contestants fought for the chance to not just impress the judges and audience, but also represent CASS in SP talentime competition.  It was a fierce, competitive battle by all contestants.  In the end, Elizabethe from DMC was crowned as the winner of that category, followed by Carin from DADP and Madelyn from DMC.

When speaking to her supporters, she said she was very “surprised” and she “thanked everyone for their support”.

“It felt awesome. I was very nervous but let’s see how it goes. I hope I can do CASS proud in SP’s talentime.”

Well, we certainly hope so. The night ended with a well rounded dot not just for the contestants but also the organizers who work hard to make the event a blast.

 As one of the organizers, Rebecca said, “We finally made it to that day. Our efforts are paid off tonight.”

It was definitely a successful event this year and we will look forward to next year’s CASS GOT TALENT where more talents are to be discovered.

 Written By: Riona Lye, DMC 2A03


Hello people of CASS! =)

on wednesday, 15 July 2009, we had another round of auditions. The committee was glad to have Ms Geraldine, Ms Chang and Ms Kwa as the judges. (they were too shy to have their photos taken.)

and yes, the long awaited finalists are out NOW! you should have received a phone call/notification from us.

Congratulations to the following people for making it to the finals! We will see all of you there on 12 August 2009 at Vanda Room. =)

For those who didn’t manage to make it, no worries. There’s always a next time! So see you next year!





SOLO (other talents) :


Have a nice weekend everyone!


Yin Qing

on behalf of CASS’ GOT TALENT committee.

Hello everyone!

Firstly, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms Chng Suan Tze, Ms Geraldine Choy and Mdm Nora for being the judges for CASS’ GOT TALENT (CGT) auditions.

These are the 3 beautiful ladies:


Of course, we would also like to thank everyone who signed up because without your support, this wouldn’t have taken place.

 And yes, your photos!

number 1

number 2

number 3

number 4

Also, we understand that there are some who want to sign up for CGT but missed the registration dates. Well, no worries because

We are having the booths again next Monday (13 July) and Tuesday (14 July).

These are important dates. Note them down. =D

 Kudos to Yan Qian and Josiah for being the photographer and videographer respectively. For the videos, we will try to upload as quickly as we can.

 Lastly, the committee would also like to thank our dear advisors for their patience and guidance. Without them, CGT wouldn’t be able to take place as well.

 Let’s end off this post by saying GOOD LUCK to all contestants!


yin qing (publicity)

on behalf of CASS’ GOT TALENT committee

Yup yup!

CASS’ GOT TALENT is here at last! for more information, just click here.

oh yes, we have extended the dateline till 7 July 2009 due to MST week.

see all of you there! showcast your talent. It’s your stage. =)



yin qing.

on behalf of CASS’ GOT TALENT committee.

Hello people!

once again, thanks for checking back! If you fun people are thinking, when are we just going to update on CASS’ GOT TALENT, well, hold on! Just hold on a little while more. =) We will be giving the details vv soon! We’re excited about it ourselves too!!

Meanwhile, Rebecca needs another 5 girls and 2 boys for the Sunset Party. If you need more details/interested in signing up, contact Rebecca at 82229369 NOW!!!

oh yes, you get CCA points. =D

The holidays are approaching! Do take care everyone!


yin qing. =)

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for turning up to the AGM! It was so heartwarming to see the whole lecture hall filled with CASS Students! The Director, Advisors and Committee is very, very pleased and we promise you guys that we will work all the more harder to make CASS an exciting and vibrant community! 

We hope that you guys will participate as enthusiastically in the other events that we have mapped out for you! We live and breathe on your undying support! 

We’ve got more than 100 people! And it seemed as if the whole MLT was full! (FYI: MLT10 has a 150 people capacity!)

So thanks once again for your support! We are seriously over the moon! =) We couldn’t have done it without you guys!



Hello everyone!

And a very warm welcome to the Freshies! I hope you guys have been having fun especially on the top of the Hill with your CASS Seniors! 

The Committee has finally gone through all the candidates for positions available in the Sub- Committee and we would really like to congratulate Santhiya, Janel, Sean, Nicholas, Madelyn and Rachel on their positions! I’m sure that they will have tons to contribute to CASS Club! 

Oh yes, before I forget, there will be AGM on the 3rd of June, Wednesday, 3.30pm in MLT 10! And its COMPULSORY for ALL listed ACTIVE members to attend! So please make yourself free on that day! For those who are inactive members and would like to join us and be in the loop for fun and exciting CASS activities, we welcome you too! We will be announcing a lot of important events that we would be organizing such as Talent Time! And this year, CASS Talent Time 2009 will come with an awesome twist! The Committee has brought their brilliant beyond brilliant minds together to come up with an exciting Talent Time this year and many, many, many other fun activities for CASS! 

So please come down for the AGM and let our Club be VIBRANT! =)

We look forward to see you there!!! 




PS: AGM = Annual General Meeting. =)

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